Mark Chesshir started Chosun Float Services in 2015 due to the daily phone calls he and Amy were receiving from people all over the country wanting help in starting their Float Centers.

After a few of years of consulting, Mark decided it was time to start manufacturing a tank that would not only look great but would be cost effective for centers. We hope that within a few months the tanks will be ready for purchase.

The name Chosun (cho - sun) is a word now translated to mean "The Land of the Morning Calm" which is where Mark was born. You know this country as South Korea. Mark was born and raised in Seoul, Korea and spent many years growing up there with his family. The legacy of his father and mother is widely known and still an effective work that carries on to this day.

Amy Grimes is the owner of Float Nashville and the one who pushed through the Tennessee Health Department to bring floating to the state of Tennessee. Without her dedication and love for floating, none of this would be happening. She understands the legalities of working with your health department and as a marketing consultant she can help take your float center to a new level. Her expertise is known across the country within the float industry as she is one of the voices of "The Art of the Float" podcast. Thankfully, she helps in consulting and helping those who are in need of the services of Chosun.