Chosun Float Services

Consulting Questionnaire

After you write out the answers to the questions below, give me a call and we can walk through it together. Once we do, I think you will have a better understanding of what you need and want from running a float center! Contact me by email so we can set up a time to talk!


1.      Have you floated?


2.      How much do you know about floating? What is your experience?


3.      Where will you be starting your float center?  (city, state)


4.      How far along are you in the planning of your business?


a.     What is your education of equipment/tanks?


b.    How many tanks/cabins will you start out with?


c.   Will you be adding other therapies beside floating?


d.     Have you secured financial backing? 


e.     Have you checked with your public health department on starting a float center? 


f.     Have you checked with your Codes Department to see what they will require for build-out?


g.     Do you know or have a contractor to help you?


h.        How many square feet of space are you looking at for your center?


i.     Have you looked at the demographics of each area of your city?


j.      What are your top 3 concerns starting a float center?


5.      Do you have a target market and a plan to educate them?


6.      Do you have a a budget written up for build out, supplies and furnishings for your float center?


7.      Do you have a good support system of people to encourage you through the physical, emotional and financial difficulties of a start up?