Chosun Float Services - Consulting Prices

1.    What Now Consultation?!! FREE

So you found out about floating and are intrigued with the idea of starting a business in your home town. You are excited but aren’t sure if it’s the right business for you. Here’s a simple way to find out if you should move ahead. Print out the Consulting Questionaire and fill it out!  That should help you start figuring out if this is a path you want to take at this time in your life! It will open your eyes to some of the things you will need to consider if you should move forward. Once you fill it out contact me by email and we'll set up a time to talk and go through the pros and cons and hopefully figure out a plan to get you started on creating your float center.


     2.  Time to move forward Consulting! $350

You answered the questionaire and are ready to move forward. So many questions and things that you know and don’t know what to consider as you start making your dream come true. You want to do this yourself but need a little help figuring out what that means to you. This is the meat of what is needed to get to the place of finding a location and getting things moving forward! You will have One Month of consultation where you can ask every question that pops into your head as you develop your plan. That means access by text, email, skype, and a 3 hour face to face should you want to come to Nashville and hang out with us at Float Nashville. I will answer your questions in a timely manner and help you work through the process. We can cover everything from your Business Plan, Build-out, Tanks, Pods, Float Rooms, Health Department….whatever!


What does it involved?

1.    20 minutes on the phone or skype 3 times a week. Get your questions in order and we’ll get to it and get things done!

2.    Email me as often as you wish and I will get back with you in a timely manner.

3.    Need to talk face to face? I will take an afternoon or evening to have a meal with you and give you a tour of Float Nashville after you float!


   3. On Site Consulting! $500 a day plus travel and expenses.

Not sure how to talk or explain to your contractor the things that are needed and necessary to make your space right with health and building codes of your state? This is the time to save a ton of money by getting around all the things most builders will think is adequate but have no idea what salt tanks can do to destroy your space and make life hard for you! Get it done right so that when you open you can be free to work with your clients that are coming to float and not dealing with issues due to the process of building incorrectly. Believe me, that is not what you want! Do it right from the beginning.


What does it involve?

1.    I’m yours for the day. I will cut it off after 10 hours! Need that rest you know!

2.    Whatever you need me to be involved with I will be involved. Need help with your department...learning how to make your day run as smoothly as possible….or helping you put a tank together! Whatever you need I will be there to help you.


     Policies Needed to run your Float Center. (Coming Soon!)

     Marketing your Float Center through Social Media. (Coming Soon!)

     Finding unique ways to bring in Clients. (Coming Soon!)



Why should I pay for a consultant when there is so much information out there?!


Good freakin’ question!


The answer...

Because you don’t have the time or money to make all the mistakes that EVERYONE who has opened up a float center has done!


Amy and I are entrepreneurs. We’ve created other businesses outside of our float center and there is so much more than running a business that seem to many as a

 “plug in and play business”.

With all the things we have done, this has been the hardest! It takes blood, sweat, and tears, along with 100plus hour work weeks, eating horrible food in-between crazy problems and finding a few hours to sleep so that you might be able to continue the process of running a float center!


Our true heart’s desire to start a float center was based on “helping people who are in pain” and as good as that sounds….we forgot about all that goes into running a business that is successful not only for the benefits of our clients, but for our own health and desire of making a place that is good for us and our employees. That’s where most float centers fall. They didn’t realize the toll it would be on them and what it would take to make all the pieces in the puzzle work. Honestly...even Amy and I at times want to walk away because it becomes overwhelming. As I write this...we are in one of those moments! Amy takes on the financials and sees the ups and downs and often will say that it’s impossible that this will continue to support us and our employees. She’s right. But that’s when we fight and start to grow in another direction to make it work again. It’s faith and works working together. And love for what we do. It’s knowing the importance of providing something so simple yet so profound for the people we have come to love and respect. This business is about that. Just like any business you start. If you don’t do it for others it will be hard for you to do it for yourself.


So...yes. We all need help. Amy and I still reach out constantly to others to help us figure out problems. And yes, we have to spend money to get that help! Is it worth it? Yes...absolutely! It saves us so much time and money and we learn so much! Plus it gives us more information to give to you! This is a process that will continue until we decide it’s time to retire. And believe me...that won’t be anytime soon! 


We are involved with the float community and as new things or ideas enter into our business we are on top of what is happening. Some things are great to incorporate and some things aren’t. We look at it all. We test and talk and communicate with those who are bringing new concepts to floating. It’s a way to help our industry to thrive and become an established therapy that will help our world and especially the communities that we build our centers for.


There are many consultants now in our business. Who is the best for you? I can only say that most of those who do consulting are doing it because they love this business! Talk to everyone and make a decision based on the person that speaks to you. All of us doing this have one desire. More float centers! We want to help those who need what floating provides and if you are one of those...thank you! We need you. Your community needs you and the world needs you!


Be bold and courageous! If you are ready to start down this path we are here.

You are not alone.


Chosun Float Services

Mark Chesshir

Amy Grimes