Having floated for years and having experienced the joy and heartache of starting float centers, helping individuals with putting tanks in their homes, and now in manufacturing of tanks, we are here to help you go through whatever it is you are doing and make it as fun and easy as it can be!


Our Mission

...is to serve our clients with respect and commitment to completing the needs for their purpose in the float world. 

““Asked together:
What do you need?
What do you want?
How can I help?
Those 3 questions are about all you really need”

— John Lilly

What We've Achieved

  • Helped make and build the first paddle boats used at Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Trained and worked for many years with the Nashville Pool Company in service of swimming pools and spas.
  • Built from the ground up two recording studios and developed an understanding of sound proofing rooms.
  • Helped individuals put their personal float tanks in their homes.
  • Provide services/maintenence for those in the Nashville Area.
  • Helped start the first float center in the state of Tennessee.
  • Working along with Amy and the Tennessee Health Department in developing regulations specifically for Float Tanks.
  • Designed and helped build the Serenity Tank located at Float Nashville.
  • Consulted with countless "would be" float center owners.
  • In the process of creating 4 new tanks/cabins

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Testimonies from Clients!

"I wanted to give a special thanks to Mark Chesshir of Chosun Float Services. I first met Mark and Amy last year when visiting East Nashville Community Acupuncture. I again met Mark at Float Con. Our friendship became professional and since then, Mark has helped me with opening my center. He has guided me through everything from water quality to soundproofing and material selection. I wanted to say a public thank you to one of the best in our industry." ~ Barry Bornstein    http://www.facebook.com/AdAstraWellness